UTA-UCLAN Mobile Journalism

Recession stories

The effects of recession is the theme for this mobile journalism project in December 2010. The participants in the project are University of Tampere (Finland) and University of Central Lancashire (Preston, U.K.). The whole journalistic work process - the assignment, writing the article, photographing and sending the material - in this project is done with an advanced camera phone by journalism students.

The mobile co-creation platform was originally developed by Nokia Research Center. It is now provided by Newelo oy.

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See also http://ukjournalism.co.uk/thehotpot/

Our students went to find out what kind of impacts recession has had on small and specialized shops in Finland and in UK. Is Christmas bringing a boost on sales?

In the UK the government used to pay for students tuition fees and provide a grant to help living costs. Now students pay their own fees and the grant has been replaced by a loan. Students leave education with huge debts.

Three of our journalists took a look on the effects of recession on our society. They interviewed personnel at an animal shelter, fleamarket and a crisis center.

In Finland, academic people are at the moment concerned about the new university reform, which gives the private sector a chance to support the university financially. The question is, how much will this reform affect the content of studying and research.

We asked transportation professionals and passers-by how they have prepared for the extensive snowfall. Drivers, cyclers and pedestrians told us how they are coping with the snow.

Mobile Journalism in Finnish

Haastattelimme ravintoloiden edustajia viime vuosien kokemuksista. Miten taantuma on näkynyt myynnissä ja kilpailussa. Näkyvätkö jo nousukauden merkit? Miten pikkujoulukausi on lähtenyt käyntiin?

Haastattelimme neljää talvipyöräilijää. Kysyimme, mikä saa satulan selkään kinoksien keskelle.

Kesällä pyörä on luonteva kaupunkikulkuneuvo. Talven tullen pyöräilijöitä katsotaan lähinnä kummastellen. Kaikki eivät kuitenkaan lukitse jopojaan odottelemaan keväisiä tuulia vaan suuntaavat viimasta välittämätt...